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Large University, Industry Team Analyzes Single Electron That Can Zap Technology

Original Article Source Paper first-authored by engineering graduate student wins IEEE Outstanding Conference Paper Award As phones and other electronics shrink in size, they’ve grown in capabilities and ubiquitousness. But, as semiconductors – the omnipresent and indispensable building blocks of the electronics and computer industries – get to the 28 to 45 nanometer feature size...... KEEP READING

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Robot Evolution: Partnership Intensifies Between Vanderbilt Engineers, Physicians

Original Article Source From Bomb Disposal to Painless Colonoscopies, These Precocious Partners Boldly Go Where Man Prefers Not To By David F. Salisbury In the foreseeable future, robots will stick steerable needles in your brain to remove blood clots, and capsule robots will crawl up your colon to reduce the pain of colonoscopies. “Bionic” prosthetic...... KEEP READING

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Collaboration Between Vanderbilt and Startup Femtometrix Leads to Exclusive Deal

Original Source Article An innovative wafer inspection tool developed by a team of Vanderbilt professors and engineers has been licensed exclusively to startup company Femtometrix. The semiconductor wafer-inspection technology based on laser optics was invented by Norman Tolk, Ph.D., professor of physics, Michael Alles, engineer for Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering, and Ron Schrimpf, Ph.D.,...... KEEP READING

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Solar Flares, Muons and Microelectronics – What’s the Connection?

Original Article Source This week has seen an intense period of activity from the Sun, with four colossal solar flares in 24 hours. Here on Earth, such spectacular solar displays seem far enough away but in fact these extra-terrestrial events are a cause for concern in our modern digital world. Of concern are so called...... KEEP READING

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NASA Announces Fourth Round of CubeSat Space Mission Candidates

RELEASE: 13-064 NASA ANNOUNCES FOURTH ROUND OF CUBESAT SPACE MISSION CANDIDATES WASHINGTON — NASA has selected 24 small satellites to fly as auxiliary payloads aboard rockets planned to launch in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The proposed CubeSats come from universities across the country, a Florida high school, several non-profit organizations and NASA field centers. CubeSats belong to a class...... KEEP READING

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Dean Galloway Receives Dual Honors at Celebration Dinner

Original Article Source Vanderbilt School of Engineering School Dean Kenneth F. Galloway was named Distinguished Professor of Engineering by Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos at a dinner celebrating his 16-year tenure as dean. The new title and an undergraduate engineering scholarship in his honor established by the Engineering Alumni Council and the school’s Committee of Visitors...... KEEP READING

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Technology Scaling and Soft Error Reliability – IRPS 2012 Invited Talk by Dr. Lloyd Massengill

Dr.  Lloyd Massengill, Director of Engineering at the Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE), will be giving an invited talk on Technology Scaling and Soft Error Reliability at the 2012 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium.  The paper discusses several attributes of integrated circuit scaling in relation to radiation soft error failure modes and vulnerability. The influence of ionizing...... KEEP READING

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Galloway is President-Elect of the American Society for Engineering Education

Original Article Source Kenneth F. Galloway has been elected to serve as president-elect of the American Society for Engineering Education.  Galloway is dean of the School of Engineering and professor of electrical engineering. He will become president-elect at the 2012 Annual Conference June 10-13 in San Antonio, Texas, and will assume the presidency in June...... KEEP READING

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Nuclear Ballistic Missile Command and Control Technology Still a Prime Military Concern

A recent special report article in Military and Aerospace Electronics highlights the importance of the command and control electronics in the U.S. arsenal of ballistic missiles, which represent two important legs of the “nuclear triad” of bomber aircraft, ICBMs, and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).  The U.S. must have a “reliable command structure for the nuclear...... KEEP READING

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An Award-Worthy Look at Electronic Glitches

An Award-Worthy Look at Electronic Glitches Beginning in 1995 TRIUMF has built up several beam lines that provide low-intensity, energetic proton and neutron beams to simulate natural-radiation exposures either in space or terrestrial environments. Even at low intensity, a few minutes of exposure in these beams can correspond to years of operation in space, air,...... KEEP READING

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