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Cloudy with a Chance of Solar Flares: Quantifying the Risk of Space Weather

Dr. Bharat Bhuva’s presentation at the 2017 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, on Friday, February 17, has been gaining attention from online consumer electronics magazines. His presentation was quoted by Electronic Component News, in their article “Particles from Outer Space Are Wreaking Low-Grade Havoc On Personal Electronics.” Dr....... KEEP READING

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Large University, Industry Team Analyzes Single Electron That Can Zap Technology

Original Article Source Paper first-authored by engineering graduate student wins IEEE Outstanding Conference Paper Award As phones and other electronics shrink in size, they’ve grown in capabilities and ubiquitousness. But, as semiconductors – the omnipresent and indispensable building blocks of the electronics and computer industries – get to the 28 to 45 nanometer feature size...... KEEP READING

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NASA Announces Fourth Round of CubeSat Space Mission Candidates

RELEASE: 13-064 NASA ANNOUNCES FOURTH ROUND OF CUBESAT SPACE MISSION CANDIDATES WASHINGTON — NASA has selected 24 small satellites to fly as auxiliary payloads aboard rockets planned to launch in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The proposed CubeSats come from universities across the country, a Florida high school, several non-profit organizations and NASA field centers. CubeSats belong to a class...... KEEP READING

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An Award-Worthy Look at Electronic Glitches

An Award-Worthy Look at Electronic Glitches Beginning in 1995 TRIUMF has built up several beam lines that provide low-intensity, energetic proton and neutron beams to simulate natural-radiation exposures either in space or terrestrial environments. Even at low intensity, a few minutes of exposure in these beams can correspond to years of operation in space, air,...... KEEP READING

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CubeSat Development

Vanderbilt researchers are launching satellites into space to test the radiation effects on electronic components in order to predict and prevent future failures of such devices. Funded by NASA, these radiation effects test bed payloads will be among the first of their kind in the United States at their scheduled launches in 2013. It’s an...... KEEP READING

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Robert Reed

Robert Reed received his Ph.D. degree in Physics from Clemson University, 1994. After which he worked at the Naval Research Laboratory and Hughes Space and Communication. From 1997 to 2004 Robert was a physicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where he supported NASA space flight and research programs. He is currently a Professor at...... KEEP READING

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