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Test Capabilities

ISDE has an extensive suite of test and characterization equipment for radiation-effects analysis, including an ARACOR 10-keV x-ray irradiator, two Cs-137 isotopic irradiators and 2-MeV proton source. ISDE team members have extensive experience conducting single-event tests at facilities including Brookhaven National Laboratory, Michigan State University, Texas A&M, Berkeley Laboratory and Indiana University. An array of test equipment is available to facilitate the characterization of irradiated devices and ICs. Vanderbilt also has in place a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NAVSEA-Crane that provides access to a suite of radiation sources and fully equipped parts analysis laboratory.

On site:


  • ARACOR 10-keV X-ray irradiator
  • Two CS-137 isotopic irradiators
  • Up to 4-MeV proton source
  • 6 MeV alpha source
  • 14.3 MeV oxygen source
  • Laser Testing
  • Cold Temperature Dewar
  • Probe Stations
  • Full compliment of characterization equipment

Off site experience:

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory Tandem Van de Graaff
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 88” Cyclotron
  • Michigan State University National Superconducting Cyclotron
  • Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
  • Tri-University Meson Factory (TRIUMF)
  • Crane Linear Accelerator Facility
  • Sandia National Laboratories Microbeam Facility
  • CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) agreement
  • NAVSEA-Crane suite of radiation sources and FA laboratory