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Large University, Industry Team Analyzes Single Electron That Can Zap Technology

Original Article Source Paper first-authored by engineering graduate student wins IEEE Outstanding Conference Paper Award As phones and other electronics shrink in size, they’ve grown in capabilities and ubiquitousness. But, as semiconductors – the omnipresent and indispensable building blocks of the electronics and computer industries – get to the 28 to 45 nanometer feature size...... KEEP READING

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Robot Evolution: Partnership Intensifies Between Vanderbilt Engineers, Physicians

Original Article Source From Bomb Disposal to Painless Colonoscopies, These Precocious Partners Boldly Go Where Man Prefers Not To By David F. Salisbury In the foreseeable future, robots will stick steerable needles in your brain to remove blood clots, and capsule robots will crawl up your colon to reduce the pain of colonoscopies. “Bionic” prosthetic...... KEEP READING

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Resisting Radiation

Article on radiation effects published Fall of 2009 in Vanderbilt’s Engineering Magazine. Resisting Radiation As electronics advance, so do radiation effects and reliability research. By JoAnne Lamphere Beckham, BA’62 How do you design a sunscreen for a computer chip? For that matter, why would you need to? Lloyd Massengill, professor of electrical engineering and computer...... KEEP READING

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