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1998 Conference Presentations

D. M. Fleetwood (SNL), “Total Ionizing Dose Effects on MOS and Bipolar Devices in the Natural Space Radiation Environment”, Proc. 3rd Intl. Wkshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Application, Takasaki, Japan, Oct. 12-13 (1998), pp. 1-9. [Invited]

D. M. Fleetwood, W. L. Warren (SNL), K. Vanheusden (AF Research Lab), R. A. B. Devine (France Telecom/CNET), M. R. Shaneyfelt, B. L. Draper, J. R. Schwank, T. L. Meisenheimer, P. S. Winokur, and M. G. Knoll (SNL), “Nonvolatile Memory Based on Mobile Protons”, Proc. IEEE Nonvolatile Memory Conference, IEEE No. 98EX141, pp. 91-94 (1998).

F. Saign, P. Adell, Y. Zhao, R. D. Schrimpf, K. F. Galloway, L. Dusseau, J. Fesquet, and J. Gasiot, “Utilisation des Recuits Isochrones pour la Mise en Evidence de D�fauts Cr��s par une Irradiation aux Protons sur un D�tecteur Optique Silicium du Commerce,” in OPTORAD 98, Session 1: Detectors, 1998.

H. J. Barnaby, R. J. Milanowski, R. D. Schrimpf, L. W. Massengill, and M. Pagey, “Modeling Ionizing Radiation Effects in Lateral PNP BJTs with Non Uniform Trapped Charge Distributions,” in GOMAC Dig., pp. 585-588, 1998.

H. J. Barnaby, R. D. Schrimpf, D. M. Fleetwood, and S. L. Kosier, “The Effects of Emitter-Tied Field Plates on Lateral PNP Ionizing Radiation Response,” in IEEE BCTM Proc., pp. 35-38, 1998.

K. Vanheusden (AF Research Laboratory), W. L. Warren, D. M. Fleetwood (SNL), R. A. B. Devine (France Telecom/CNET), B. L. Draper, M. R. Shaneyfelt, and P. S. Winokur (SNL), “A Nonvolatile MOSFET Memory Device Based on Mobile Protons in the Gate Dielectric”, accepted for publication in Spring 1998 MRS Proceedings, edited by S. Ashok (MRS, 1998). [Invited]

R. Milanowski, L. Massengill, R. Schrimpf, R. Graves, H. Barnaby, K. Galloway, M. Pagey, C. Nicklaw, and J. Johann, “Radiation Hardened Semiconductor Technology Computer Aided Design,” in Government Microcircuit Applications Conference Digest of Papers, vol. XXIII, pp. 573-577, 1998.

R. Milanowski, L. Massengill, R. Schrimpf, M. Pagey, and C. Nicklaw, “Computational Split-Lot Study of the Effect of Implant Parameters on Total-Dose-Induced Leakage,” in GOMAC Dig., pp. 582-584, 1998.


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