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1994 Conference Presentations

A. Wei, S.L. Kosier, R.D. Schrimpf, W.E. Combs, and M. DeLaus, “Excess Collector Current Due to an Oxide-Trapped-Charge-Induced Emitter in Irradiated NPN BJTs,” in Proc. IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Tech. Mtg., pp. 201-204, 1994.

H.G. Parks, S.L. Kosier, R.D. Schrimpf, W.B. Henley, and L. Jastrzebski, “First Order Specification of Liquid Chemical Purity Requirements Based on Contaminant Deposition and Advanced DRAM Architecture,” in Proc. Microcontamination ‘94, p. 132, 1994.

H.G. Parks and R.D. Schrimpf, “Metal Deposition, Metrology, and Device Degradation from Contamination in Semiconductor Processing Fluids,” in Proc. 40th Ann. Tech. Mtg. IES (Invited Presentation), p. 338, 1994.

J.R. Schmid, H.G. Parks, R. Craigin, and R.D. Schrimpf, “Estimating the Effect of Contamination-Induced Leakage Current in View of DRAM Architectural Trends,” in Proc. Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference and Workshop, p. 96, 1994.

N. S. Saks, D. I. Ma (NRL), D. M. Fleetwood (SNL), and M. E. Twigg (NRL), “Characteristics of Oxynitrides Grown in N2O, in Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films”, edited by V. J. Kapoor and W. D. Brown (PV 94-16, The Electrochemical Society Proceedings Series, Pennington, NJ, 1994), pp. 395-402 [Invited].

R. A. B. Devine, D. Mathiot (France Telecom/CNET), W. L. Warren, and D. M. Fleetwood (SNL), “Near-Interface Oxide Degradation in High-Temperature Annealed Si/SiO2/Si Structures”, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 318 (1994).

R.J. Graves, D.M. Schmidt, S.L. Kosier, A. Wei, R.D. Schrimpf, and K.F. Galloway, “Visualization of Ionizing-Radiation and Hot-Carrier Stress Response of Polysilicon Emitter BJTs,” in IEDM Tech. Dig., pp. 233-236, 1994.

S.L. Kosier, M. DeLaus, A. Wei, R.D. Schrimpf, and A. Martinez, “Simple Technique for Improving the Hot-Carrier Reliability of Single-Poly Bipolar Transistors,” in Proc. IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Tech. Mtg., pp. 205-208, 1994.

W. L. Warren, D. M. Fleetwood, M. R. Shaneyfelt, P. S. Winokur (SNL), R. A. B. Devine, D. Mathiot, France Telecom/CNET), “Reliability Implications of Defects in High-Temperature Annealed Si/SiO2/Si Structures”, I. H. Wilson, and J. B. Xu (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), MRS Symp. Proc. 338, 3-12 (1994) [Invited].


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