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Cadence University Program

In EECS Courses:

Currently, Cadence tools are utilized in the undergraduate level VLSI course, EECE 4385, and are being integrated into a graduate level Digital Circuit Design course, EECS 6342. It is planned to fully integrate the use of Cadence tools into graduate level EECS courses.

In Research Projects:

Faculty and students in the department, specifically those involved with the Radiation Effects and Reliability Group, use Cadence tools extensively in their research. Cadence tools are used for the design, simulation, and layout of analog and digital circuits for radiation effects studies.

Project examples using Cadence tools.

2007 research projects using Cadence tools.

2008 research projects using Cadence tools.

2009 research projects using Cadence tools.

2010 research projects using Cadence tools.

2011 research on using Cadence UltraSim.

2012 research projects using Cadence tools.

2013 research projects using Cadence tools.

2014 research projects using Cadence tools.

2015 research projects using Cadence tools.

2016 research projects using Cadence tools.

2017-2018 research projects using Cadence tools.

2018-2019 research projects using Cadence tools.

Value-Added Items:

  • Cadence “Big Picture” Overview
  • Cadence Layout Manual and Tutorial (PDF Download) for Vanderbilt Students and Faculty (Note: New version planned as the online tutorial did not transfer to WordPress)
  • HDL Design Flow example: From Behavioral Verilog to Automatic Place and Route

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Lloyd W. Massengill, Phd.

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