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First Time Cadence Users

Setting Up Your Machine

Before you can start using the Cadence software packages, you must have an account on a Linux machine. The tools are available over NFS. The location of the latest version of the tools isbeachboy3:/ufs/cadence/vsummer.04/linux/. These must be mounted on your local /opt/cadence directory. Please see an administrator if you do not know what any of this means.

Logging Into a Machine and Running Cadence

The necessary environment variable have been included in the installation. It will be necessary to source them before starting Cadence. To do this, type source /opt/cadence/.bashrc.cadence at the command prompt. It will be necessary to do this each time a new shell is started. You may want to do this automatically in your $HOME/.bash_profile.

Starting the Cadence Software

The easiest way to start the Cadence software is to type icfb & at the command prompt. The “&” is used here to put the application into the background so that the terminal window can still be used.  The documentation for Cadence can be used by typing cdsdoc & at the command prompt.

  1. When the software starts, two windows will be opened, the Command Interpreter Window (CIW) and the Library Manager.  When the documentation is opened, a list of topics is brought up that can be viewed with a browser.
  1. Once the software is started, you are ready to start the tutorial.

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