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Simple Cadence Software Tutorial Part 2

Creating a New Library

Let’s begin Part 2 of this tutorial by creating a new library. You can do this in two ways, first you can create a new library from the Library Manager, or the CIW.  In either case select File->New->Library. This will bring up a new window, seen in figure 3. Enter the name of the new library, digital_lib, and select Attach Existing Library.  When there is no path entered, it will place the library in the directory from which you started Cadence. If the directions for starting Cadence were followed, this will be your Working Directory.
Figure 3. Create Library Window

Select Attach to existing tech library and select one of the available libraries.  Remember which one was selected because it will be required for simulation later.  In the Advanced Tutorial we will discuss the option of Compile Tech Library.  Once the library has been added to the list, we are ready to create a new Cell View. This is the topic of Part 3 of this tutorial.

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