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MURI Kick-off Agenda

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The Kick-Off Meeting was held at Vanderbilt University, July 22-23, 1999
This page is updated as authors provide us with their presentation(s).July 22

8:30 Welcoming Remarks and Meeting Logistics
Ron Schrimpf (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
8:45 MURI Overview
Jerry Witt, AFOSR
8:55 Radiation-Effects Needs – DoD Perspective
Lew Cohn (e-mail), DTRA
9:15 Radiation-Effects Needs – Industry Perspective
Bill Heidergott, Motorola
9:35 MURI Organization and Tasks
Ron Schrimpf (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
9:50 Total-Dose Effects: Physical Modeling, Simulation and Measurement
Ron Schrimpf (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
10:30 Break
10:50 Single-Event Dielectric Rupture
Lloyd Massengill (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
11:30 Electrical Measurement of Radiation-Induced Defects
Ken Galloway, Vanderbilt University
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Laboratory Tours
1:45 Atomic-scale Modeling of Radiation-Induced Defects
Sokrates Pantelides, Vanderbilt University
2:25 Probing the Si/SiO2 Interface using Nonlinear Optical Methods
Norm Tolk (e-mail), Vanderbilt University
3:05 Break
3:25 Application of Atomic-Resolution Z-Contrast STM to Radiation-Induced Defects
Steve Pennycook, Vanderbilt University and ORNL
4:05 Application of Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy to Radiation-Induced Defects
Len Brillson (e-mailwww), Ohio State University
4:45 Discussion
6:30 Dinner, Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery

July 23


8:30 Radiation-Induced Displacement Damage and DLTS
Eicke Weber, University of California, Berkeley
9:10 Proton-Irradiation Effects in Protonic Devices
Mark Neifeld, University of Arizona (presented by Sungchul Lee)
9:50 Break
10:10 Advanced Dielectric Films for Aggressively Scaled CMOS Devices
Gerry Lucovsky, North Carolina State University
10:50 GaN and GaAs-on-Insulator Devices
Umesh Mishra, University of California, Santa Barbara
11:30 Feedback from Attendees
12:00 Meeting Ends