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MURI 2003 Agenda

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The Annual Meeting was held at Vanderbilt University, August 7-8, 2003PowerPoint version of the talks are downloadable.August 7

8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast – Room 106
8:30 Welcoming Remarks – Room 134
Jerry Witt (email), AFOSR
8:40 Vanderbilt Welcome
Ken Galloway (email), Vanderbilt University
8:50 MURI Overview
Ron Schrimpf (email), Vanderbilt University
9:15 Quantum Transport in Nano-MOSFETs
Sokrates Pantelides (email), Vanderbilt University
9:45 Effects of Electric Field on Radiation-Induced Dopant Deactivation by Hydrogen
Sergey Rashkeev (email), Vanderbilt University
10:15 Break – Room 106
10:45 Identification of Radiation-Induced Defects in SiO2
Tamas Bakos (email), Vanderbilt University
11:05 Modeling the Total-Dose Response of MOS Devices Based on Atomic-Scale Calculations
Chris Nicklaw (email), Vanderbilt University
11:25 Physical Origin of Border Traps
Dan Fleetwood (email), Vanderbilt University
11:45 Lunch – Room 106
12:45 Total-Dose Effects in Alternative Dielectric Films
Jim Felix (email), Vanderbilt University
1:15 Radiation Effects in Ultrathin SOI MOSFETs
Ron Schrimpf (email), Vanderbilt University
1:45 Radiation Effects on Pseudo-MOS SOI Transistors
Bongim Jun (email), Vanderbilt University
2:05 Break – Room 106
2:35 Low Frequency Noise and Radiation Response of Buried Oxides in SOI nMOS Transistors
Hao Xiong (email), Vanderbilt University
2:55 Electrical and Spectral Properties of AlGaN/GaN HEMT Structures vs. 1.8 MeV Proton Irradiation
Len Brillson (email), Ohio State University
3:25 Proton-Irradiation Effects on AlGaN/AlN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
Aditya Karmarkar (email), Vanderbilt University
3:45 Dielectric-free AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for Rad-Hard Electronics
Umesh Mishra (email), University of California, Santa Barbara
4:15 Discussion
6:30 Dinner – Amerigo’s, 1920 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN

August 8

8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast – Room 106
8:30 Intrinsic Limitations for High-k Dielectrics and Their Interfaces with Silicon
Gerry Lucovsky (email), North Carolina State University
9:00 Characterization of Radiation Damage in Oxides Using Second Harmonic Generation
Norm Tolk (email), Vanderbilt University
9:30 Break – Room 106
10:00 Defects related to N-sublattice damage in electron irradiated GaN
Eicke Weber (email), University of California, Berkeley
10:30 Evaluating Average and Atypical Response in Radiation Effects Simulations
Andrew Sternberg (email), Vanderbilt University
11:00 Feedback from Attendees
11:30 Meeting Ends