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MURI 2000 Agenda

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The Annual Meeting was held at Vanderbilt University, October 10-11, 2000PDF version of the talks are available (PDF link).
PowerPoint version of the talks are also posted (PPT link).
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October 10

8:30 Welcoming Remarks
Jerry Witt (e-mail), AFSOR
8:40 Vanderbilt Welcome
Ken Galloway (e-mail), Vanderbilt University
8:50 Muri Overview
Ron Schrimpf (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
9:10 Total-Dose Effects: Physical modeling, Simulation, and Measurement
Ron Schrimpf (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
9:30 Atomic-Scale Modeling of Radiation-Induced Defects
Sokrates Pantelides (e-mail), Vanderbilt university
9:50 Reactions of Mobile Hydrogen with Si-SiO2 Interface
Sergey Rashkeev (e-mail), Vanderbilt university
10:10 Hydrogen-Related Defects in Irradiated SiO2
Paul Bunson (e-mail), Grinnell College
10:30 Break
10:50 Electrical Breakdown of Irradiated Oxides During Current-Temperature Stress
Dan Fleetwood (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
11:10 Plans for Single-Event Dielectric Rupture Experiments
Lloyd Massengill (e-mailwww), Vanderbilt University
11:30 Total Dose Effects in Composite Nitride-Oxide Films
Ajay Raparla (e-mail), Vanderbilt University
11:50 Lunch
12:45 Laboratory Tours
2:00 Characterization of X-Ray Radiation Damage in Gate and Isolation Oxides Using Second Harmonic Generation
Norm Tolk (e-mail), Vanderbilt University
2:40 Low Energy Electron-Excited Nanoscale Luminescence Detection of Trap Activation by Ionizing Radiation
Len Brillson (e-mailwww), Ohio State University
3:20 Break
3:40 Radiation Effects in GaN and GaAs-on-Insulator Devices
Eicke Weber (e-mailwww), University of California, Berkeley
4:00 Fast Proton Damage in Bulk Silicon
Henning Feick (e-mailwww), University of California, Berkeley
4:20 Discussion
6:30 Dinner, Big River Restaurant & Brewery
(Transportation available at 6:00 pm at Sarratt)

October 11

8:30 Application of Atomic-Resolution Z-Contrast STM to Radiation-Induced Defects
Steve Pennycook (e-mail), Vanderbilt University and ORNL
9:00 Modeling Proton-Irradiation Effects in Photonic Devices
Mark Neifeld (e-mail), University of Arizona
9:40 Break
10:10 The Transition from Thermally-Grown SiO2 to Deposited Thin Film Alternative Gate Dielectrics for Advanced CMOS Devices
Gerry Lucovsky (e-mail), North Carolina State University
10:50 Status of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs and GOI Devices for Space Applications and Testing Strategy
Umesh Mishra (e-mail), University of California, Santa Barbara
11:30 Feedback from Attendees
12:00 Meeting Ends