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Michael Alles

Dr. Michael Alles is a Senior Research Engineer with Vanderbilt’s Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE) where he works in the area of radiation effects in microelectronics. He spent two years as a Business Unit Director for Silvaco International, 10 years with Ibis Technology Corporation in technology and product development, and one year with Harris Semiconductor as a design engineer. Dr. Alles has a strong background in semiconductor technology, including silicon and SOI wafer manufacturing and metrology, computer aided design tools for semiconductor fabrication processes, devices, and integrated circuit design, and expertise in modeling and simulation of radiation effects in semiconductor devices and circuits. Dr. Alles has served on the SIA ITRS starting materials working group since 1999, serving as chairman of the SOI materials group for the 2001 revision of ITRS, and has been a reviewer for Transactions on Nuclear Science 3 times. He has experience as an instructor in college and industrial training courses, has given over 10 technical and business presentations at conferences and trade shows, developed and presented IPO roads shows, given numerous technical marketing presentations, has over 25 technical/trade publications and has 1 patent. During his time in industry, he developed and implemented internal company training programs. Dr. Alles received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (12/92), M.S. in Electrical Engineering (8/90), and his B.E. in Electrical Engineering with a Double Major in Physics (5/87) all from Vanderbilt University . He was a Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Graduate Select Scholar, received a Vanderbilt University Honor Scholarship (1983-1988), has been listed in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and was a Member Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Pi Sigma, and Tau Beta Pi Honor Societies. He is a member of IEEE, the Electron Devices Society, and the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society.


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