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Kevin M. Warren, PhD

ISDE Senior Research Engineer
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Dr. Warren received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University (‘94), M.S. in Chemistry (‘97), M.S. in Electrical Engineering (‘99), and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (‘10) from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Warren is a Senior Research Engineer with Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE) where he works in the area of radiation environments and radiation effects on materials and electronics. Dr. Warren joined ISDE in 2003 and his research focus has centered on the development of novel methods for modeling single event effects in circuits and using those models to identify in-flight error modes and estimate failure rates. Dr. Warren is actively involved in the development and integration of radiation environment and transport codes with EDA design tools. He has extensive experience with single event, total dose, and dose-rate testing of electronic parts and systems. Prior to joining ISDE, Dr. Warren served as a radiation effects engineer for the International Space Station at Marshall Space Flight Center as well as the CONTOUR and MESSENGER programs at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Dr. Warren is actively involved in general aviation and holds commercial pilot certificates for single/multiengine aircraft and helicopters.
Highlighted Publications:
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